How It


Purchase a ticket at

You will receive a registration email where you will follow the links to create a username and password.


At 1:00pm ET on the day of the treasure hunt, location riddles will be revealed on the special riddles page found through the link in your registration email or log in directly at 


Solve the riddles in any order to reveal the locations where your next puzzles await.

Find the answers to all of the puzzles that will then unlock the three treasure locations.


Claiming a treasure:

Each team is limited to claiming only one of the three $1,000.00 prizes.

A distinct medallion with the Quest For The X logo is hidden at each treasure location.

Find the medallion hidden at any of the treasure locations
Send a text message to our phone number that includes the following:

The name and phone number of the individual who signed up for the treasure hunt
A picture of the medallion held at arms length
A picture of the location where the medallion was found from approximately 10 feet away